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Helping homeowners generate their own electricity and heat since 2010.

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Models Available:  

4.4 wWh


Engine Features:  

Excellent thermal efficiency and low exhaust emissions. 

Environmentally responsible design – runs on clean, efficient natural gas or propane fuel.

Superior construction and the finest durable materials translate into extremely low engine wear.


Engine Life:  

40,000 hours (equating to 1.6 million miles on an automobile engine)

Long 4,000 hour service interval (changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plug and spark plug cable)

Engine Specs:  

Type:  4 Cycle

Cylinders:  1 

Displacement:   272cc

Compression Ration:   12.8:1

Speed Range:  1200 - 3400 rpm

Cooling:  50% Glycol/Water

Horsepower:  8 HP

Torque:   12.5 ft-lb

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Models Available:  

5 kWh, 10kWh, 35kWh

These highly-efficient and reliable units provide the excellent energy and cost savings found in larger systems, but in smaller kW applications. Their size, weight, very low operating noise and cost make Yanmar micro CHP units an ideal option for smaller office spaces or luxury homes. May be installed directly inside or outside without any extra housing.

Blackstart Option:  

With YNMAR CHP’s blackout start option, you can ensure your heat and electricity remain uninterrupted even during a blackout. High efficiency inverters convert YANMAR CHP’s generated electrical output into DC voltage and frequency with built-in protection and a synchronization device required for grid interconnections.

Who needs a grid with all that power at your fingertips?


Energy Efficient:  

By utilizing a highly efficient engine and capturing nearly all of the remaining energy as heat, the heat and power producing YANMAR CHP system can be up to 2.6 times as efficient as your current centralized power.

EC Power

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Models Available:  


A XRGI® plant consists of three main components: Power Unit (engine + generator), Q-heat distributor (connection between XRGI® plant and heat network), and the iQ control panel (the connection between the XRGI® plant and the electricity network). Additionally, a storage tank is always used.

  • The combustion engine of the Power Unit – of the actual cogeneration plant – has been especially developed for EC POWER by Toyota, has an extremely long life, and is silent and reliable.

  • The brain of the plant is the iQ control panel. This controls the Power Unit depending on its demand, and optimises its operation fully automatically.

  • The storage tank compensates for any time differences between the XRGI® heat production and the heat consumption in the building.

  • Optionally, a Flow Master can supplement the XRGI® plant and with this, optimise heat and power generation.

Image by Wengang Zhai

GSS SmartPower

Models Available:  

10kWh, 22kWh, 40kWh up to 280kWh

Blackstart Option:  

The GSS SmartPower will still deliver electricity, heating and cooling to your home even if the electrical grid goes down. Businesses and homeowners now have the ability to self-supply their power on-site while still remaining grid connected as a back-up and to export their valuable surplus. This creates a more resilient energy network that is less susceptible to catastrophic natural disaster events, while providing the security of uninterrupted energy.


Standard Automatic Oil Change:  

  • Automatic oil change system (including oil draining and refilling).

  • Auto lube-oil system (to maintain oil level)

  • Installed in your garage or outside in weatherproof shed.

Standard Remote Monitoring:  

  • Remote monitoring and control, lets you know about upcoming maintenance.

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  • A GSS CHP expert comes to you to review your business's energy needs.

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