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22 kW On/Off Grid Smart Power CHP

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Smart Power

  • Designed for multifamily, businesses, light industrial

  • L x W x H = 71” x 31” x 40” 

  • L x W x H = 1,800 x 780 x 1,020 mm

  • Weight 1,543 lbs. (700 kg)

  • Super quiet 58 dB soundproof enclosure

  • Installed inside or outside in a weatherproof container

  • Hot water and hydronic applications

  • Maximum H2O temperature 167F or 75C

  • Produces 34,100 Gj of heat yearly

  • Generates 192,720 kW of electricity yearly

  • Approximately $57,810 worth of energy produced yearly for use in your property, selling to the grid or both!

  • Product of China

  • Maintenance Interval – every 10,000 hours

22 kW Smart Power with Active Zone Geothermal
for Summer Heat Storage and Snow Melt

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Ashley Home Store
Fort McMurray


CHP Comparison Chart

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  • A GSS CHP expert comes to you to review your business's energy needs.

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