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40 - 280 kW On/Off Grid Smart Power CHP

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Smart Power

Smart Power CHPs
operate on or off the grid.

  • Designed for multifamily, businesses, industrial

  • 40 kW up to 280 kW sizes available

  • L x W x H = (varies with size of unit)

  • Weight = (varies with size of unit)

  • Reciprocating 4 or 6 cylinder engine

  • 3 phase 4 wires

  • Super quiet 58, 65 or 76 dB with a soundproof enclosure

  • Installed inside or outside in a weatherproof container

  • Hot water and hydronic applications

  • Maximum H2O temperature 167F or 75C

  • Product of China

  • Maintenance Interval – every 10,000 hours

Call for performance specifications, availability and shipping.

Ashley Home Store
Fort McMurray

22 kW Smart Power with Active Zone Geothermal
for Summer Heat Storage and Snow Melt


Book Your Free Consultation

  • A GSS CHP expert comes to you to review your home's energy needs.

    30 min

  • Available Online

    Meet with a GSS CHP Expert via video conference to discuss your home o...

    30 min

  • A GSS CHP expert comes to you to review your business's energy needs.

    30 min

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