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4.4 kW On-Grid Axiom CHP

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  • Designed for single family homes, condominiums

  • L 54” x W 30.375” x H 43” 

  • L1,371 x W 771.5 x H 1,092

  • Weight 860 lbs. (390 kg)

  • Super quiet 55 dB soundproof enclosure

  • Installed inside or outside in a weatherproof shed

  • Hot water and hydronic applications.

  • 394 Gj of heat yearly

  • 38,544 kW of electricity yearly

  • Approximately $11,560 worth of electricity produced yearly for use in your property, selling to the grid or both

  • Product of USA

  • Applications are endless, but the greatest savings coincide with installations that have larger heating loads

  • Installations have included residential, commercial, and industrial settings

  • Up to four units can be installed in parallel to provide more thermal and electrical output 

  • Produces 13,000 - 47,000 BTU’s per hour of heat  

  • Generates 1.2 - 4.4kW per hour of electricity 

  • By using cleaner burning natural gas or propane, CHPs reduce CO2 and GHG emissions when compared to buying electricity from the grid. 

  • One CHP reduces: 

        - CO2 emissions by 65% 

        - SO2 by 99.99%

        - NOx by 98.4% 

  • This makes CHPs a cleaner energy solution 

  • The Marathon Engine is rated for 40,000+ hours (equating to 1.6 million miles on an automobile engine)

  • Horsepower:  8 HP

  • Maintenance Interval – every 4,000 hours

  • Maintenance coverage - oil change, oil and air filter replacement, spark plug, spark plug cable, crankshaft breather filter, engine check over the entire engine speed range, visual inspection of every component, cleaning of cabinet interior 

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CHP Comparison Chart

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