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  • The CHP Maintenance Program entitles you to one complete CHP maintenance site visit by a qualified technician as per every required service hour intervals. 

  • Oil change, Air Filter change, Oil Filter change, Spark Plugs replaced, Clean up & Disposal of used oil, 22 Point Maintenance Check. 

  • Maintains and satisfies the annual maintenance requirement for coverage under the warranty offered with all new CHP installations. 

  • Provides 20 % discount on parts not covered under warranty. 

  • There is No call out fee for the diagnosis of installed equipment while Membership is current and uninterrupted, within 50 km of authorized dealer.

  • Price is per CHP unit covered. 1 plan is required for each CHP unit on site. 

  • The CHP Maintenance Program is optional, with the purchase of the Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration Unit(s) from GSS Integrated Energy Ltd. or its authorized Dealers.
  • The Combined Heat and Power “CHP Maintenance Program” is for a minimum term of 5 years and automatically renews annually, unless cancelled by the Owner within 90 days prior to the anniversary or renewal date. 
  •  The CHP Maintenance Program is fully transferable provided the membership is current and uninterrupted.
  • The CHP Maintenance Program is not an extended warranty, nor does it cover repair service.

35 kW Off-Grid Yanmar CHP

Excluding GST/HST
Price Options
35 kW Yanmar
Maintenance Program
C$584.38every month until canceled

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